Thursday April 30 2015

Original Source:Anonymous

A 32 year old man named Howard John Harrison died by falling out of a 27 story window of his office on 329  in  an  anonymous City. According to his friend, David Mullins, he got angry that he wasn't promoted to Bureaucrat on a website that he contributed on so he angry went zooming back in his rolling chair which caused him to accidentally crash through the window and fall down to the street. He was first seen by some Pedestrians. One of them, named Milton B Sterling said "I was walking to get lunch and I heard shouting from above as if someone's in danger. Then I suddenly saw a man and a rolling chair hit the ground and he was dead."

His body was eventually taken by the local authorities and it is going to be in an upcoming funeral of Howard John Harrison.

The wife of Howard John Harrison, Jennifer Collins said that this incident was one of the most tragic events in her life and that she felt just as sad as when her sons Henry and Samuel Harrison died on December 22, 2013.

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