From:Thursday May 14, 2015

Original Source:Anonymous

A 36 year old widow named Sarah Mullin Harrison died late night today in a housefire in an anonymous town. According to her boyfriend Jared Stephens who was at her house at the time, the fire was caused by a stove accident. According to him, Sarah got angry at a time when she was cookig steak for dinner when she was told by her boyfriend that a person on the Internet who is a Bureaucrat on the site that she was a Bureaucrat on has a plan to shut down the website and is refusing to scrap the plan. She took her anger out by lighting a bunch of matches and put them on the stove to cook the steak extra well. The matches caused the stove to burst into flames causing her to catch on fire.

Jared reported that he quickly ran out of the house to escape from the fire, call the fire department, and try to ge. The outdoor hose to put out the fire, but due to the fact that the stove was still on producing more flames and the fact that the fire was reactinto with electrical wires, a cell phone charger that was charging a phone, and the wooden cabinets and floor of the kitchen, by that time the fire grew too big to put out.

Sarah Harrison burned to death in the fire and Jared reported that he heard here screaming loudly in pain as she was burning in the flames. Eventually the fire department arrived and put out the fire but by that time all that was left of Sarah Harrison was her burnt bones.

This fire shows the dangers of putting matches on grills and should warn others not to do so.


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