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Welcome to the weekly Tom's Hardware news recap, where we call out the week's hottest stories -- just in case you missed them the first time around.

It was a big week for AMD, as the company made a boatload of announcements, including financials(yawn) and news about its upcoming GPUs, CPUs and APUs (woo!). We have new Carrizo chips, "Zen" CPUs, M300 series mobile graphics, and the new R300 series desktop graphics. 

VR fans had a little something to cheer about this week, as Oculus at long last put a release date on the Oculus Rift. (That is, if you consider "Q1 2016" to be a release date.) We also got confirmation that the company is making some of its own titles for the Rift, taking a page out of the Console Makers Playbook, which Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all follow.

If you like motherboards, MSI outed a pile of them this week -- nine, to be exact. Eight are mainly low-end affairs featuring AMD FM2+ support, while the last one is the higher-end AMD 990FXA Gaming board. NVMe? Yes. USB 3.1? Yes. USB Type-C? Sigh.

Lucian Armasu teed off on Google's Android Update problems, and we also heard straight from the horse's mouth that Basemark has been split off from benchmark maker Rightware to become its own company. It all sounds amicable, but it does point to both Rightware and Basemark heading in new directions. 

And finally: A Steam competitor?

See you on Monday, dear readers.

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